Small bullfighting glossary

From « Aficion » to  « Zapatilla », some definitions...

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Small bullfighting glossary

> Afición - The love of a game or an art. In bullfighting, 'afición is a gage of knowledge

> Bravo - Describes a bull that is wild and attacks

> Capea - A free-for-all in which the bull is not killed

> Chaquetilla - The short embroidered jacket of the suit of lights

> Coleta - The torero's (artificial) pigtail

> Cuadrilla - The matador's team, consisting of:
     - 2 picadors
     - 3 banderilleros
     - 1 sword-handler whose work is defined by bullfighting rules

> Derechazo - A right-hand muleta pass

> Faena - The matador's work with the muleta—a set of passes

> Lidia - Combat. The whole procedure of the bullfight

> Maestro - The matador. It is an honour for him to be called 'Maestro'

> Montera - The hat worn by the matador

> Muleta - A red flannel cloth on a stick used by the matador during the faena

> Noblesse - Refers to a straightforward bull that does not hesitate to charge

> Panuelo - A handkerchief :
           . White for signalling the changes of tercio and rewards
           . Green to take the bull out of the ring if necessary or when the matador has received three warnings
           . Red for placing black banderillas
           . Blue for a tour of the ring for a good bull
           . Orange when the president pardons a bull

> Pecho - A chest pass

> Tercio - A third. One of the three acts of the bullfight

> Véronique - Veronica, the fundamental cape pass

> Zapatilla - Matador's shoes