Camargue traditions

The enthusiasm for bulls in Nîmes also has roots in Camargue traditions: Camargue bullfights (courses), encierros and abrivados are all festive moments when youth and enthusiasm come face to face with the energy of Camargue bulls.

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Camargue traditions

The Course Camarguaise (Camargue bullfight)

This is an extremely successful traditional event. Men dressed in white called raseteurs go into the arena to measure themselves against a Camargue bull.
Equipped with a metal comb-like hook, they try to remove items -rosette, tassels, or string- tied on or between the horns of the bull.


Abrivados are held in Nîmes during the Feria and in villages from spring to autumn at local festivals. Several bulls are released to gallop from one end of a street to the other, surrounded by gardians on horseback. The spectators then try to let the bulls to escape by breaking the chain formed by the gardians.


Bulls with the tips of the horns protected are let loose in the streets of a village or town. The area is barricaded to prevent accidents. Fearless young people then run behind the bull. Encierros are generally held on spring or summer evenings during village festivals.