Access map for coach operators

A system has been set up in Nîmes to facilitate access and parking for tourist coaches.

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Coach access

Tourist coach routes and parking in Nîmes: a system has been developed and is shown on the accompanying document.

The routes shown by arrows are the entries to the city that are possible for tourist coaches to use as comfortably as possible.

The Parnasse relay car park has been installed close to the A54 motorway exit for 'Nîmes centre'. It has 9 bays for tourist coaches and a rest facility for coach drivers. 

Parking is allowed at this relay car park from 07.15 to 01.00. The ticket office is open from Monday to Saturday inclusive from 07.00 to 19.30.

In parallel, 12 passenger pick-up spaces are marked out near the cultural sites in the city centre. This pictogram is displayed:

These regulation spaces are intended only for allowing passengers to descend from and board the coach. When coaches have unloaded, they must park at the Parnasse relay car park. 


The regulations stipulate that it is forbidden for coaches to park outside the spaces reserved for this purpose

Please switch your engine off.
We recommend that you comply with the regulations in force.
The police are particularly vigilant concerning the respect of these instructions.