Tourism and disability

The establishments with this status or accessible for visiting Nîmes—whatever your disability—are listed here.

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Tourism and disability

The two Tourist and Congress reception offices in Nîmes have been awarded 'Tourism and Disability' (Tourisme & Handicap) status and have specific facilities for four types of disability:

> Mental disability

Texts with large print and simple images illustrating each category of document available. Tourist stay advisors have the skills to help persons with this type of disability.

> Physical disability

The premises are accessible for persons in wheelchairs and a reception counter is set at the appropriate height.

> Hearing disorder

The reception counter is equipped with an induction loop for amplifying sound for persons using hearing aids.

> Visual disability

Tactile bands are fitted to doors and step nosing so that persons with visual impairment can move in safety. Tourist information with a map of Nîmes and a description of the monuments and museums in Braille is available at reception.

Appropriate tourist visits

The Nimes Tourist and Congress Office can provide:
•    a guided visit ('Historical Walk') suitable for visitors with visual or physical disability
•    audio-guides for persons with hearing or visual disability. Prices

List of establishments with 'Tourism and Disability' (Tourisme & Handicap) status

Accessibility leaflet